Chromium pollution affecting China

By  Ding Yuanzhao @armstrongding According to the report from Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MME), the People's Republic of China, urgent responses are required to avoid Chromium (Cr) water pollution. Although many efforts are being made to reduce Cr pollution, they are by most estimations not enough. Cr pollution makes river biodiversity more vulnerable and... Continue Reading →

Palm Oil: Spare or Share?

Flying east from Kota Kinabalu to Lahad Datu in the northern Bornean state of Sabah, Malaysia gives two conflicting views of tropical forests. For those on the right-hand side of the plane, the view is a complex rainforest matrix of blues and greens representing some of the most biologically diverse forest on earth. For those... Continue Reading →

A trophy for Trump, or trump for the Trophy?

In a recent announcement to the world, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) lifted and backflipped a ban on the importation of elephant trophies. What are the implications on conservation and from a socio-economic perspective to the countries involved on a ban on the importation of elephant trophies? What is trophy hunting? Trophy hunting is... Continue Reading →

Peruvian peatlands: Carbon sinks only?

Peatlands play a significant role in tackling climate change thanks to their carbon storage capacity, which is considerably high below ground due to the waterlogged condition of the soil. Recent research (Draper et al., 2014) shows that they can store  ̶ including below- and above-ground carbon ̶  near half the amount of the above-ground carbon... Continue Reading →

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