Who owns China’s first national park, wildlife, indigenous people or tourists?

HAHA Conservation

It may seems obvious that a national park belongs to the nation. However, who composes the nation? Whose interest should be prioritised, and why? This article aims to discover the emerging discord among tourists, indigenous people and wildlife, during the establishment of China’s first pilot national park — Sanjiangyuan. 

Sanjiangyuan National Park. Photo credits to Yuhan LI

Sanjianggyuan is a wonderland. You will be astonished by its culture, biodiversity and landscape.  It is located on the Tibetan Plateau with an average altitude over 4500m. Sanjiangyuan means “Origins of Three Rivers”. Three big rivers, the Yangze River, the Yellow River and the Mekong River, have their sources there. This place is home to Tibetan herders, who move around the mountains with their yaks, who believe in Buddhism and no-killing of life, and who have lived together with carnivores for thousands of years, such as snow leopard, wolf, lynx, brown…

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